What is a Virtuoso Subscription?

Every software purchase sold through virtuosity.bentley.com comes exclusively as a Virtuoso Subscription.

Beyond a 12-month auto-renewing practitioner license of Bentley software, Virtuoso Subscriptions also include “Keys” to unlock customizable training, mentoring, and consulting services. The number of “Keys” received with each Virtuoso Subscription varies based on the software you choose, and replenishes every 12 months.

Virtuoso Subscriptions include:

  • 12-month practitioner license of Bentley software for lower upfront costs
  • Convenient auto-renewals for uninterrupted hassle-free software use
  • Keys” replenish with each renewal to unlock personalized courses, 1-to-1 mentoring, and business consulting
  • Direct access to our in-house industry experts who have the experience to help further maximize your software investment
  • The freedom and flexibility to set your own agenda for your business, projects, and teams

What are “Keys”?

Think of “Keys” as training credits or credits towards expert services. Every Virtuoso Subscription you purchase includes your software and “Keys” that can be redeemed for training or services options of your choice. Only need a refresher on the software? Redeem “Keys” for an on-demand training video. Looking to get trained on a few features? Redeem “Keys” for a customized course taught by one of our industry experts. How about a more guided tutorial and some simulation strategy workflow ideas specific to your project? Redeem “Keys” to book a 1-on-1 consultation. Essentially, “Keys” allow your business to build the support your business requires. Read our blog to learn how to get more out of your software investment using “Keys”. Find out how many “Keys” come with each product.

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Featured Training Courses

Learn at your own pace

Browse upcoming online courses or search our library of recorded courses and training videos organized by software.

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1-to-1 Mentoring

Get expert guidance

Dedicated support from industry experts who understand the day-to-day workflow challenges your team faces when delivering projects.

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Customized Courses

Personalize your training

Let us design customized training courses to fill the knowledge gaps, address pain points, and help your firm hit the ground running.

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Virtuosity Testimonial
“In addition to the advantage of Virtuosity's Virtuoso Subscription, which includes expert services and training, having the ability to purchase practitioner licenses also enables us unlimited usage and access to the software products in our national and international offices. As a result, we can support projects with an international team more effectively and by constantly applying the latest developments of Virtuosity's products, we ensure our competitiveness in the market and the best results for our customers.”

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