Water tank design in RCDC can now be done using British Standard and European Standard code. The walls and slabs of the water tank must be modelled as parametric model in STAAD.Pro and analyzed using finite element modelling. Create the water tank model and transfer it to RCDC after analyzing in STAAD.Pro to generate the detailed calculation, drawing and detailing.

Water Tank Design in RCDC STAAD.Pro
Water tank design in RCDC

Procedure of Designing Water Tank

  • Firstly, create the base of the water tank using parametric model option in STAAD.Pro.
  • Next, create the columns on the locations as demonstrated in the video using translation repeat command.
  • After creating the columns at the desired locations, create the side wall of the water tank. Create the side wall using the parametric model option again.
  • Secondly, after creating the model, add the plate element thickness, and assign it to the entire model.
  • Further add the hydrostatic load to check the plate stress contour under post processing.
  • Finally, after creating the model STAAD.Pro, transfer the model to Advanced Concrete Designer for designing the water tank.
  • Here, add the design details and loads that you want to consider for the design. After performing the design, check the text schedule and detailed drawing of the water tank model.

Video Demonstration


Water tank design in RCDC

**Note: This new module of designing water tank in RCDC is available form RCDC (SACD) Connect Edition V10 (