We make it easy to get started with SYNCHRO and beat the learning curve. This page outlines the learning path, so it is easy to find all relevant learning resources to help you on your SYNCHRO implementation journey. 

Learning Path for New SYNCHRO Users

Every Virtuoso Subscription you purchase includes your software and training credits, called “Keys,” that can be redeemed for training or services. Virtuosity users can take advantage of the following trainings by redeeming the keys that came with their purchase. The number of keys that come with your purchase depends on which version of SYNCHRO you purchased (SYNCHRO 4D, Control or Field). Each Key is almost equivalent to ~2 hrs of expert service or training. 

  1. Automation in SYNCHRO 4D: Formula and Auto-matching
  2. Communicate from Site to Office through SYNCHRO Field
  3. Equipment Movements and Advanced Animation in SYNCHRO 4D Pro
  4. Interoperability in SYNCHRO 4D
  5. Learn To Use SYNCHRO Script
  6. Starting with SYNCHRO Control
  7. SYNCHRO 4D Pro for Experienced Users
  8. SYNCHRO 4D Pro: 5D Calculations
  9. SYNCHRO 4D Pro Fundamentals: Starter Pack Vol 1


Additional Training* Learning Resources*




*No Keys/Training credits required

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assign Practitioner Licenses?

What are the system requirements for SYNCHRO?

What are Keys?
Think of “Keys” as training credits or credits towards expert services. Every Virtuoso Subscription you purchase includes your software and “Keys” that can be redeemed for training or services options of your choice. Learn more.

Can you tell me more about Expert Services and how I can get them?
Dedicated Product Success Managers are available to help you throughout your project lifecycle. For live training, project support, or on-demand training, you can contact your Product Success Manager or reach out through live chat or contact us here.

What should I do if I need help?