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SACS provides integrated analysis and design in the complete lifecycle of Offshore Structures, including Construction, Transportation, In-Place, and Commissioning. SACS Offshore Structure is a package of integrated finite element structural analysis applications that facilitate the design of all types of offshore structures—oil and gas platforms, wind farms,  topsides of FPSOs, and floating platforms.

The software comes in a number of versions and some add-on modules. In the following video, we will try and understand the capability and utilities of each of these versions and modules.


SACS: Capability Matrix

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SACS proporciona análisis y diseño integrados en el ciclo de vida completo de las estructuras costa afuera, incluida la construcción, el transporte, en el lugar y la puesta en servicio. SACS Offshore Structure es un paquete de aplicaciones integradas de análisis estructural de elementos finitos que facilitan el diseño de todo tipo de estructuras marinas: plataformas de petróleo y gas, parques eólicos, superficies superiores de FPSO y plataformas flotantes.



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