We use 4D planning for different scenario comparisons or to compare actual progress to the initial schedule (Base plan). In this article, we will see how to compare scenarios in Synchro 4D pro

Steps to compare scenarios


Open a new 3D Window in Synchro 4D Pro and dock it. It will use Best dates by default.


New 3D Window
New 3D Window


Link cameras

  • Either from 3D View Properties > Camera > Link with > tick the 3D View
  • Or right click in 3D View area > Camera > Link with > choose the 3D View


Linking Cameras
Linking Cameras


In General, 3D View Properties > Dates & Colors choose Date to Use for each 3D View. Remember to make 3D View active by clicking on it. You will see dates in the 3D View header.


Dates of Use
Dates to Use