Animating equipment movements during generation of a 4D construction sequence can be challenging.

In this article, we will focus on one part of the challenge, importing and simulating of the installation of a tower crane.

Import a Tower Crane with SYNCHRO 4D and Simulate Installation

While importing equipment models inside SYNCHRO, we generally import the entire equipment as a single resource, otherwise, animating equipment movement can become difficult. However, importing a tower crane should be an exception.

If we import the entire tower as well as the rotating arm as a single resource, the rotation simulation does not look realistic. The entire tower, along with the arm, appears to rotate simultaneously, instead of just the arm. The following video illustrates the points we need to keep in mind while importing a tower crane with SYNCHRO 4D. You will see how to stage the installation of a tower crane in a 4D construction sequence simulation.




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