Finite Element modelling in STAAD.Pro physical modeler is a quick way to model FE models like plate girder, base plate brackets etc. STAAD.Pro physical modeler internally generates the finite element mesh. The meshing is well optimized maintaining the proper plate-plate plate member connectivity.


Bracket modelling in STAAD. Physical modeler.

Procedure of modelling bracket in STAAD.Pro physical modeler

  • Firstly, we will have to generate a grid in XZ plane along which we will have to create the flange of the bracket as a physical surface entity. (**Note: we can change the dimension of this surface with the help of spreadsheet)
  • Secondly, we will have to generate a grid along XY direction. Along the XY plane grid, we will generate the wall support surface.
  • Next, we will create circular holes. We can modify diameter later.
  • Finally, after we create the entire model we will transfer it to analytical modeling.
Finite Element modelling in STAAD.Pro Physical modeler