Custom Response Spectrum in RAM Structural System can be performed by selecting the custom Response spectra table for Dynamic Response Spectra load case. The ground motion Response Spectra curve tables are already provided with the program.

Custom Response Spectra Table Creation

  1. Create the custom response spectrum data table, we will have to create or edit an existing Response spectra file with .RSP extension with all the response spectrum data. In this demonstration, we have edited an existing file of Response Spectra Curve using a simple text editor.
  2. We will have to convert the extension of the edited file to .RSP from .txt as the Response spectra table must be of .RSP extension.
  3. Next we will have to modify the ground motion values that is the period vs acceleration values in the order of increasing time period. These values may or may not be normalized.
  4. Finally, we will have to create a response spectrum dynamic load case with the custom response spectrum data table.

Custom Response spectrum in RAM Structural System