Project delivery and collaboration software

ProjectWise, Bentley’s project collaboration and information management software, is for projects of all sizes. Whether you are managing small design projects on your own or need to collaborate with your client’s larger projects, we’ve got you covered. You can shorten approval cycles while ensuring data integrity for increased transparency to avoid risk and stay competitive.

Project Delivery Products

“We needed to ensure our engineers could quickly and easily collaborate with the larger project team, whether working onsite, from home, or any other location. We believe ProjectWise will enable this by providing a fully web-based solution for internal and external project stakeholders to access real-time project documents, provide feedback on designs, and manage outstanding tasks, to maximize our productivity and competitive efficiencies.”
“Arup is committed to the adoption of BIM on its projects. ProjectWise is currently the best system to host BIM collaborative projects through the use of a common data environment.”