OnDemand Training | SYNCHRO: Equipment Movements and Advanced Animation

In this course, you will learn how to import equipment and manipulate their positions using SYNCHRO 4D Pro. You will also get a better understanding on how to create 3D paths, modify keyframes and make equipment and vehicles follow the path. Attendees will also learn more about simulating tower crane rotation.

Sample Files: Please check the samples in Sample Models.zip file in FILES

This course is organized into the following sections:

  •  Introduction
    • Index
    • Introduction
    • Pre-Requisites and Equipment Library
  • Importing Equipment and Edit as Assigned
  • Introduction to 3D Paths
    • Importing Excavator in Project
    • Linking with Resources and Tasks
    • 3D Path creation
    • Keyframes and Modifying 3D paths
    • Aligning Movement of Object along the 3D Path
  • Tower Crane Rotation
    • Importing Tower Crane
    • Tower Crane Installation
    • Identifying the Axis of Rotation
    • Rotation of Arm of Tower Crane

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Tathagata Saha

Tathagata Saha
“The biggest motivation in my job is that I am contributing to the inevitable digital transformation in the construction industry through various BIM-based tools and cloud-based technologies. From the stage when I am meeting a potential user for the first time, encouraging them to adopt Bentley’s technologies, to the point when I am training them in the software they have acquired, hand-holding them through the entire process - the whole journey is a rewarding experience.”
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