OnDemand Training | SYNCHRO 4D Pro Fundamentals: Starter Pack Vol 1

This training is primarily aimed at those who are new to SYNCHRO or 4D Planning as a whole. After going through this course, a learner should have a clear understanding of the basic features of SYNCHRO, and will get familiar with the User Interface along the tools along with their respective locations. The course will help the learner to be able to set up a 4D Project inside SYNCHRO 4D Pro and start developing the 4D construction schedule. This is the first part of the Fundamentals course. The remaining topics will be covered in the second part of the course.

Some of the Key features of this course include:

  • Workspace Management
  • Setting Up a 4D Model
  • Linking Resources with Activities
  • Working with the Schedule
  • Working with the Resources

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Tathagata Saha

Tathagata Saha
“The biggest motivation in my job is that I am contributing to the inevitable digital transformation in the construction industry through various BIM-based tools and cloud-based technologies. From the stage when I am meeting a potential user for the first time, encouraging them to adopt Bentley’s technologies, to the point when I am training them in the software they have acquired, hand-holding them through the entire process - the whole journey is a rewarding experience.”
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