OnDemand Training | SYNCHRO 4D Pro for Experienced Users

This course is dedicated for experienced SYNCHRO 4D Pro users, focused on functionalities related to 4D Pro. The objective is to enhance your current workflows and make you more productive.

Training topics:

  • Advanced appearance profiles
  • Creating and presenting 4D Data
  • Basic concepts for automation: User Fields, Formula, Auto-Matching and Scripting
  • Progress Tracking
  • Enhancing Visual outputs

Each chapter has a corresponding folder with SP files in training dataset.


  • You have SYNCHRO 4D PRO installed.
  • Download training dataset (v. 6.5.) from Files section.
  • Experience in SYNCHRO 4D Pro

Trainer: Daria Kosmala

Duration: 2 hours

Daria Kosmala
“I used to work on construction sites and I’ll never forget the satisfaction when something virtual turns real. At Virtuosity, by providing training and technical mentoring I become part of this process again at the planning stage and I can improve it with 4D and digital twin technology.”
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