OnDemand Training | Suction Bucket Foundation Design with the SACS-PLAXIS Interface

As Offshore Wind Turbine Infrastructure assets are critically linked to subsurface environments, they are vulnerable to both structural & geotechnical risks. Over the years Bentley SACS and PLAXIS are one of the most trusted single suites of software to deal with all ranges of critical issues related to geotechnical, detailed structural engineering, integrity and life extension. While PLAXIS 3D allows you to efficiently model the foundation elements in three-dimensional environment, SACS complements with structural super-element and subsequent detailed analyses of the asset. In the Offshore Energy industry, SACS has been in use for a long time with its wealth of experience and comprehensive coverage in the domain of detailed structural engineering analyses. While engineering expertise is transferable, designing offshore wind foundations comes with a different set of challenges. The PLAXIS-SACS Suction Bucket Analysis application is solely meant to be used for the analysis and design of offshore structures with suction buckets using both PLAXIS 3D and SACS.

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Xing-Cheng Lin and Kaushik Mukherjee

XingCheng Lin_User Success Manager_Geotechnical
“In vast disciplines of engineering, we have all been battling with uncertainties. The modern age that we live in where computational power is high and attainable, sees the implementations of proven numerical methodologies in computerized programs, maturing along the way and form the very basis of our engineering solutions. Proven solutions allow us to push the boundaries!”
Kaushik Mukherjee
“Bentley offers invaluable experiences including design, detailing, analysis integrity, and management all under one roof.”
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