OnDemand Training | STAAD: Analysis and Design of Concrete and Steel Structures

This training course of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition is for structural engineers who want to learn the scope of STAAD.Pro for both concrete and steel structures.

Over this course, we will go through the workflow of modelling structures both from Analytical as well as Physical modeler. We will further analyze and finally design the model. This course will also cover the workflow of design of concrete structure in the Advanced Concrete Designer module (also known as RCDC).

You can follow step-by-step instruction or create your own model with your understanding of the application after completing the course.

This course is divided into 3 parts. The second and third parts are further subdivided.

  • Details of the Start page of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
  • Modelling, analysis and design of concrete structure in STAAD.Pro
  • Concrete modelling using STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler (SPPM)
  • Applying Loading to the Concrete model and analyzing it further
  • Designing the Concrete model in the Advanced Concrete Designer (RCDC)
  • Modelling, analysis and design of steel structure in STAAD.Pro
  • Modelling of the steel structure in the Analytical Modeler of STAAD.Pro
  • Assigning properties and supports to the model
  • Adding loads to the model and further analyzing and designing it

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Biswatosh Purkayastha and Aritra Lodh

Biswatosh Purkayastha
“I am a Senior Structural and Registered Chartered Engineer having 18 years of industry experience in various Civil Engineering projects. Having rich experience in structural engineering and stress analysis software like STAAD and RAM, gives me immense pleasure to assist our esteemed users, uncluttering their structural challenges associated with projects. My motto is - The user is happy, so am I.”
Aritra Lodh
“As a User Success Manager at Virtuosity, I enjoy communicating with our users to understand their problems better. Working hand-in-hand with our users, to provide them an optimal solution for their projects brings me great satisfaction.”
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