OnDemand Training | Settlement analysis of a geogrid-reinforced embankment in PLAXIS 2D

Geogrid-reinforced embankment slopes are much cheaper compared to the other forms of retaining structures. Here in this course, the basic techniques of settlement analysis of retaining wall/embankments are discussed in detail. Every embankment/retaining structure need stability analysis during the construction of the embankment/retaining structure. So, stability analysis along the settlement due to consolidation is discussed here. In addition to that, an earthquake analysis setup is discussed here.

The subscriber of this course will learn:

  1. The basic technical information about geogrids and how it is used in PLAXIS 2D.
  2. Understanding the mechanism of failure in geogrid-reinforced soil retaining structures compared to an unreinforced one.
  3. Analysis of stability and settlement due to consolidation on a geogrid-reinforced retaining wall.
  4. The effect of length of the geogrids on the stability of the retaining structure.
  5. Stability and Consolidation analysis of a geogrid reinforced embankment.
  6. Dynamic analysis (earthquake) of a geogrid reinforced embankment.


Duration: 2 hours approximately

Presenter: Mohammad Siddiquee

Mohammed Siddiquee
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