OnDemand Training | SACS Starter Pack

Welcome to SACS! A back-to-school approach!!

In the Offshore Oil & Gas industry, SACS has been a staple with its comprehensive coverage in the domain of structural engineering analyses and design. Over the years, Bentley SACS has become one of the most trusted software applications to deal with all ranges of critical issues related to detail engineering, asset integrity, life extension and decommissioning. Engineers and managers are making all important design and inspection/maintenance optimization decisions based on the accurate stress analyses results produced by it. This training is intended to be used as a starter pack to kick off your journey in offshore structural engineering with SACS. This course will provide complete coverage of structural engineering basics with a deep dive into the realm of detailed analyses.

Duration: 2+ hours

Presented by: Tathagata Saha, Anik Mal and Kaushik Mukherjee

Kaushik Mukherjee
“Bentley offers invaluable experiences including design, detailing, analysis integrity, and management all under one roof.”
Anik Mal_Virtuosity User Success Manager_Building_CAD
“What I love the most about my job is being a part of an organization's journey from growing proficiency in a Bentley solution to delivering a megaproject. I am willing to be a part of your growth journey too.”
Tathagata Saha
“The biggest motivation in my job is that I am contributing to the inevitable digital transformation in the industry through various technologies. From the stage when I am meeting a potential user for the first time, encouraging them to adopt Bentley’s technologies, to the point when I am training them in the software they have acquired, hand-holding them through the entire process - the whole journey is a rewarding experience.”