OnDemand Training | PLAXIS Shaft and Dewatering

This training demonstrates the practical use of PLAXIS 2D for the analysis of a circular shaft. The training focuses on the relevant modeling features for this type of project:

  • Model boundary
  • Structural force evaluation
  • Soil pressure assessment
  • Influence of a soil constitutive model (stress and strain stiffness-dependency)

Particular attention is paid to:

  • Dewatering modeling strategy
  • Assessment, understanding, and remedies for common convergence issues, often associated with this type of problem

The training consists of a 30-minute presentation focusing on the main PLAXIS features used,  as well as a full model description. This presentation is followed by an in-depth 1-hour demonstration for building up PLAXIS 2D model from scratch, including in-depth model results post-processing and interpretation.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Presented by: Sean Johnson

XingCheng Lin_User Success Manager_Geotechnical
“In vast disciplines of engineering, we have all been battling with uncertainties. The modern age that we live in where computational power is high and attainable, sees the implementations of proven numerical methodologies in computerized programs, maturing along the way and form the very basis of our engineering solutions. Proven solutions allow us to push the boundaries!”
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