OnDemand Training | PLAXIS: Result Post-Processing Automation in PLAXIS Output

This featured training is the final part of the series PLAXIS Automation Trainings will be focusing on the PLAXIS Output program. After building up a FE model in the PLAXIS Input program and after calculating it, the results can be viewed in a separate application: the PLAXIS Output program. Automation is at this stage often very much needed to automate repetitive results post-processing work.

PLAXIS Output, apart from its main graphical interface, also has a command line interpreter for accessing any calculation results. To access all the available information, the different Output objects related to the available results (deformations, stresses, excess pore pressures) and plots will first be explained. The main intention of the Output command line interpreter is to be used in automating the post-processing of the results. It will be demonstrated how easy and efficient Python is in assisting in making the retrieval and process of the results and save valuable time in post-processing work! Various examples will be provided during the training to demonstrate the functionality of Output when used in the framework of the Python scripting interface. These will cover retrieving results for soil and structures, setting up a plot area, exporting a plot and saving results in a text file for further post-processing. Finally, a Python script to identify a calculation failure and prepare a report with relevant Output plots and results will be presented.

After this training, you will know:

  • Understand the object structure of PLAXIS Output
  • How to use the command line to retrieve results for soil and structures
  • How to create plots and export them
  • How to automate a process relevant to a predefined scenario

The course is divided in the following parts and topics:

Part I – Recap of command structures

  • Introduction
  • Command structure and Python
  • Materials and Staged construction Scripts

Part II – Automation in PLAXIS Output for OT

  • Output’s command line and objects
  • Output’s command line and objects – Part II
  • Automation in PLAXIS Output – Python examples

Part III – Combining PLAXIS Input and Output

  • Connect Input and Output for integrated automation
  • Bonus script – Python example

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Marina Trevizolli and Satadal Dhar

Marina Trevizolli
“My background is in civil engineering, and master’s degree in geotechnics. I have been with Bentley Systems since 2019, and as an expert in geotechnical software, I`ve been helping PLAXIS users getting the best performance in their projects with training and mentoring all around the world, from mining companies in Australia and Peru to consulting in foundation and soil reinforcement in the United States and Europe. I’m a problem solver, and my best achievement is user happiness with their geotechnical model and analysis.”
Satadal Dhar
“This is not a job that I do here, this is a way of life. We love building stuff. Whether it is building a macro in Python for PLAXIS, HVAC Systems for multi-story buildings, or pile systems for overhead metro corridors. If you love building stuff, as we do, why not join us? Let us help you with the smaller details while you build bigger.”
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