OnDemand Training | PLAXIS: Advanced Features and Practical Examples of Python Scripting

After the introduction to Python scripting in Part I, this second session will demonstrate more advanced examples using the PLAXIS Python wrapper for the definition of more sophisticated automation scripts. One of the biggest challenges in setting up a geotechnical model, is the definition of the parameters for the used soil models. In this featured training, we will start with showing how to create a Soil material dataset and a Structural material dataset using just a Python script.

After the FE model has been setup in PLAXIS, the phase definition must be performed and start a calculation. A demonstration using Python will be conducted to activate and deactivate elements, switch materials, and set e.g. load values. Once your script has been optimized, you may want to share your Python script with your colleagues. But not all of them want to use (Python) codes. This training session will present a way to share Python scripting code with peers such that they do not need to see any script and can just select it from a menu item from PLAXIS toolbars.

After this training, you will know:

Python scripting interface in more advanced ways.

  • Create and edit material datasets just using Python
  • Set up a staged construction sequence
  • Create and share a script within your office, even for people who do not want to write code

The course is divided in the following parts and topics:

  • Introduction
  • Command structure to Python Script

Material dataset

  • Material dataset for structures
  • Staged construction
  • Optimizing wall length example
  • Sharing: Run script from PLAXIS Input menu

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Marina Trevizolli and Satadal Dhar

Marina Trevizolli
“My background is in civil engineering, and master’s degree in geotechnics. I have been with Bentley Systems since 2019, and as an expert in geotechnical software, I`ve been helping PLAXIS users getting the best performance in their projects with training and mentoring all around the world, from mining companies in Australia and Peru to consulting in foundation and soil reinforcement in the United States and Europe. I’m a problem solver, and my best achievement is user happiness with their geotechnical model and analysis.”
Satadal Dhar
“This is not a job that I do here, this is a way of life. We love building stuff. Whether it is building a macro in Python for PLAXIS, HVAC Systems for multi-story buildings, or pile systems for overhead metro corridors. If you love building stuff, as we do, why not join us? Let us help you with the smaller details while you build bigger.”
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