OnDemand Training | PLAXIS 3D: Pile Modelling

Modelling and analyzing pile behavior is a common task for geotechnical practice. When using numerical analysis for optimizing challenging designs, PLAXIS offers a few options to help users simulate the most accurate representation for each application and condition.

During the training we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions on pile modeling:

  • When should I use one or the other?
  • What are the inputs and outputs of each option?
  • How should I setup the model with piles?

The demonstrations will present different case applications as piles under axial load, slope stabilization, building with deep bored pile foundation and others. From full model construction to output evaluation and interpretation, this training provides a global understanding of pile modeling with PLAXIS 3D.

In this training, you will learn more about:

  • Volume pile and Embedded pile in 3D
  • Embedded pile – Theory and Input
  • Practical examples of embedded pile models – Setup and outputs
  • Practical examples of volume piles models – Setup and outputs
  • Prescribed surface displacements with piles
  • Slope stabilization with volume piles and Raft foundation with Pile group modeling
  • Training Outcomes

Attendees should install PLAXIS Designer as a prerequisite to this course.

Duration: 2+ hours

Presented by: Marina Trevizolli

Marina Trevizolli
“My background is in civil engineering, and master’s degree in geotechnics. I have been with Bentley Systems since 2019, and as an expert in geotechnical software, I`ve been helping PLAXIS users getting the best performance in their projects with training and mentoring all around the world, from mining companies in Australia and Peru to consulting in foundation and soil reinforcement in the United States and Europe. I’m a problem solver, and my best achievement is user happiness with their geotechnical model and analysis.”
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