OnDemand Training | PLAXIS 3D: A Complete Project Analysis, Concept To Construction

This featured training is the final part of the series PLAXIS Automation Trainings and will be focusing on the PLAXIS Output program. After building up a FE model in the PLAXIS Input program and after calculating it, the results can be viewed in a separate application: the PLAXIS Output program.

The session will demonstrate a complete project analysis, from concept to construction by PLAXIS 3D (Includes data import from OpenSite, gINT, soil-model optimization etc.)

Chapters include:

  • Import context captured OpenSite data to PLAXIS 3D with the help of PLAXIS Designer
  • Importing the gINT borehole data into PLAXIS 3D
  • Importing the topographic surface into the top layer of the PLAXIS 3D geometric model
  • Soil- model parameter optimization using the SoilTest Module of PLAXIS 3D
  • Setting up the excavation and tieback anchors efficiently
  • Setting up the foundation layouts using “Extrude/Array” tools of PLAXIS 3D
  • Evolution of the foundation layout design
  • Soil-structure interaction analysis using PLAXIS 3D and STAAD Pro
  • Output visualization from the analysis

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Mohammad Siddiquee

Mohammed Siddiquee
“I like to work with geotechnical software, especially the PLAXIS. It feels great when a user finds his required solution after an interaction with me. Sometimes even a short email response can offer a solution to a specific problem. I help new users starting from license installation, onboarding via introductory training through to consulting for any project. It's a real joy when the prospective buyer becomes the user.”
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