OnDemand Training | OpenRoads Designer: A Comprehensive Learning Guide for Beginners

This featured training lays the foundation for understanding the fundamentals of OpenRoads Designer and is designed especially for engineers, professionals and students of transportation engineering and highway design. The guide, documentation, and videos will help you understand the features, capabilities, FAQs and tools to begin designing with terrain, geometry and templates. Learn how to quickly get the plan and profile as deliverables with project cost estimates and dynamic quantity reports.

In this OnDemand Training, you will learn about:

  • Terrain Modelling (from Survey Data)
  • Alignment Design (Road Geometry)
  • Corridor Modelling (Typical Cross Sections)
  • Superelevation Lane Design and its Application
  • Drawing Production (Plan-Profile & Cross-Sections)
  • Component Quantity Reports (Summary & Detailed)
  • 3D Drive-Through (Visualization of Engineered Model)
  • Quick & Frequently Asked Questions
  • Complimentary Practice Dataset

Please check OpenRoads Designer Learn Guide.pdf, added in ‘Files’ Section.

Duration: 2+ hours

Presented by: Ajitesh Gupta and Vaibhav Sharma

“I feel great pleasure in using and training our users on OpenRoads Designer for road design. Parametric modelling and automated processes allow us to generate plan and profile drawings quickly in order to provide timely deliverables by significantly saving drafting time and efforts. The software platform has many great tools and it is very easy to get started with the crisp documentation and concise learning video content we provide.”
“OpenRoads is a powerful platform which can be used for all types and phases of civil projects. It gives me immense pleasure in introducing and integrating the workflows of OpenRoads Designer to the Civil industry where engineers require software that seamlessly collaborates across disciplines, addresses growing industry demands, and includes automation to remove tedious manual work. To enhance the learning journey of the product, we've developed a “Learn Guide” which focuses on making the product easy to learn in a streamlined way.”