OnDemand Training | OpenGround: Getting Started

Getting Started with OpenGround contains 5 distinct sections:

  • OpenGround Launcher
    If you are new to OpenGround environment, this course gives you a quick overview of key areas of functionality of the Launcher from how to install, to navigating the user interface.
  • OpenGround Professional
    If you are new to OpenGround Professional environment, this course gives you a quick overview of key areas of functionality. As this course will improve your familiarity with what the software can do.  You can then explore in a more informed manner, either using additional learning resources or simply by working with the software itself.
  • OpenGround Data Entry
    The OpenGround Data Entry provides a lightweight tool for entering data without the need to occupy a full Professional license.
  • OpenGround Excel Extension
    Use the Excel Extension to call data directly from OpenGround.  Learn how to select a pre-defined spreadsheet and quickly populate it with relevant data from the specified project.
  • Template Design with OpenGround Excel Extensions
    Learn how to prepare a spreadsheet for use as a template by users of the Excel Extension.

Duration: 2 hours

Marina Trevizolli
“My background is in civil engineering, and master’s degree in geotechnics. I have been with Bentley Systems since 2019, and as an expert in geotechnical software, I`ve been helping PLAXIS users getting the best performance in their projects with training and mentoring all around the world, from mining companies in Australia and Peru to consulting in foundation and soil reinforcement in the United States and Europe. I’m a problem solver, and my best achievement is user happiness with their geotechnical model and analysis.”
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