OnDemand Training | OpenBuildings Station Designer for Beginners

This training of OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION CONNECT Edition offered by Virtuosity is for beginners and those who have some experience in some form of modeling in OpenBuildings.

It is dedicated to everyone including BIM Designers, Architects, and Engineers.

In this session, we aim to make new users ready to start their own project and to feel comfortable with OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION.

The training replicates a real design workflow, starting from generating 2D drawings directly from 3D, setting up a Data Template, modeling in LEGION and generating simulations to check and validate your design.

The course is divided into five sections:

  • Overview of OpenBuildings Station Designer & 2D Drawing Generation
  • Creating a Data Template
  • Building a model in LEGION Model Builder
  • Analyze a model with LEGION Simulator
  • Simulation & Design validation with LEGION Simulator

In the first section, we will familiarize you with the OpenBuildings Station Designer interface and views.

The next section, we will replicate real-life situation. We will start by generating 2D models directly from 3D models present in OpenBuildings Station Designer then take it directly to LEGION Model Builder without the hassle of going to a different application.

We will then show you how to create a Data Template with the information provided by your project. Once you are done creating your Data Template, we will load it into LEGION Model Builder. We will then explore different tools in LEGION Model Builder and start building up the model in LEGION Model Builder for simulation.

After we are done building up the model in LEGION Model Builder, we will explore LEGION Simulator and analyze different models. Not only will we analyze the model but we will also show you how to run different simulations and check for validation of your design.

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Sanchayan Chatterjee, Virtuosity User Success Manager.

Sanchayan Chatterjee
“Whatever good things we build, end up building us. This is what I believe as an architect. If you feel the same, join me as I go into the digital side of the AEC industry. I will show you the process which will guide you and help eliminate any challenges you face in your project. Let’s make your project a visual art that will speak for itself.”
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