OnDemand Training | MicroStation Master Class: Complete Overview

In this course, you will get a complete overview of MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The session will acquaint you with the user interface, tools, and features of MicroStation CONNECT Edition. You will also learn about tools used in the various stages of the design process and how to utilize them in your project.

MicroStation expert, Aditya will show you how to use models and drawing tools; create and use element attributes and control the display of your designs. He will also cover how to use AccuSnap and AccuDraw in precision drawing and goes into SmartLine and other basic drawing elements. In addition, he discusses how to select, manipulate, and modify elements, as well as how to place, create, edit, and remove cells. Learn how to annotate designs with text, dimension, and patterns and goes over how to attach references, raster images, and PDFs. Towards the end of the session, you will get to know the method to print your design files.

This course is intended for both new users of MicroStation and users who have experience working with older versions of the product like MicroStation V8i.

The course is divided into 4 sections:

  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition Interface
  • Element Attribute and Precision Modeling
  • Working with Cells and Annotations
  • Reference and Printing

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Aditya Chatterjee

Aditya Chatterjee
“I am an Engineer by profession and curious by nature. I know all of you are too, so join me as we dive into the concepts, technologies, and products for the AEC industry in this digital era. I would like to collaborate with you, understand the challenges you face, and help you eliminate any bottlenecks for your project. I am here to help you throughout your project lifecycle.”