OnDemand Training | MicroStation CONNECT Edition for New Users

This MicroStation CONNECT Edition training is for beginners and those who have some experience but only in 2D or have a very basic understanding of MicroStation. The session is dedicated to everyone including CAD modelers, architects, and civil designers.

Our goal is to help new users be prepared to start their own projects and to feel comfortable with MicroStation from the very start!

The training replicates a real design workflow, starting from setting-up your CAD standards, through 3D and 2D modeling, till the outputs: visualization, drawings, documentation.

The course is divided in 9 sections:

  • First Steps
  • CAD Standards
  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D Modelling
  • Georeferencing
  • Visual Outputs
  • Drawings
  • Configuration
  • Next Steps

The first section will help you with installation as well as make you familiar with the MicroStation interface, views etc.

The sections thereafter replicate real-life situations, when we start from setting-up project standards – and in case of new users we need to create them from zero, beginning from CAD standards. When they are ready, we can start conceptual modelling and develop the design into more complex federated 3D model.

We will add some intelligence to our objects, create cells and get familiar with various modelling techniques.

We will use 2D tools to create simple site plan and learn how to use references, attach Geographic Coordinates System to place our 3D model in real coordinates.

At every stage of model development, we may produce visual outputs – we will create renders and animation with LumenRT, free accompanying application integrated with MicroStation.

Drawing production is one of key features therefore it requires separate section: starting from creating borders, using Sheet Index to manage drawing documentation, through drawing models creation and placing them on sheets. We will annotate drawings and adjust their presentation according to our needs. We will create reports and place them on our sheets, to print all deliverables at once with few clicks.

At the end, we will look at MicroStation Configuration, to help you customize MicroStation for your needs, we will show few more capabilities to explore and give you few hints!

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Daria Kosmala

Daria Kosmala
“I used to work on construction sites and I’ll never forget the satisfaction when something virtual turns real. At Virtuosity, by providing training and technical mentoring I become part of this process again at the planning stage and I can improve it with 4D and digital twin technology.”
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