OnDemand Training | MicroStation Company Standards – Part 1

This training is the first part of Microstation Company Standards series.

It is dedicated for those who want to create company standards in MicroStation. We will look deeply into MicroStation configurations to understand how the program works and we will discuss step by step each configuration topic.

Our goal is to help you create your standards to prepare a better work environment and to speed your work in the design stage.

This session is divided into 2 sections:

  1. Levels of Configurations
  2. Seed Files

Both sections end with an exercise to consolidate the knowledge. During the training you will get theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Training topics:

  • Levels of Configurations description
  • Connect Edition configuration changes
  • Configuration files location
  • Setting up levels-depending standards
  • Seed files description
  • Creating seed file for new file
  • Creating seed file for model creation

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Dorota Lechowicz

Dorota Lechowicz
“I love helping users find the best solution for their project, refining their workflow, and showing off tools and options they weren't aware of. Especially when it comes to configuring company standards.”
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