OnDemand Training | Interoperability in SYNCHRO 4D

This training is designed for users who want to explore SYNCHRO 4D Pro interoperability, focusing on importing and synchronizing schedule and design models. New SYNCHRO 4D Pro users will learn how to quickly start their work with plugins for various design applications and how to easily share results with other stakeholders. Join this session to learn how to leverage new capabilities offered by SYNCHRO Control.

Training topics:

  1. Importing and synchronizing schedules, 3D models and IFC
  2. Importing and synchronizing models with plugins for Navisworks, Revit, MicroStation
  3. Importing and synchronizing models using SYNCHRO Control
  4. Exporting Schedules, 3D, working with SYNCHRO native formats, Microsoft Excel and PowerBI

** You can access links of additional resources in Files section (in top menu) of the course

Trainer: Daria Kosmala

Duration: 2 hours


Daria Kosmala
“I used to work on construction sites and I’ll never forget the satisfaction when something virtual turns real. At Virtuosity, by providing training and technical mentoring I become part of this process again at the planning stage and I can improve it with 4D and digital twin technology.”
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