OnDemand Training | Getting Started with iTwin Capture Modeler 2023

Note – ContextCapture has now been rebranded to iTwin Capture Modeler, you can get more information regarding this here.

In this course you will be introduced to iTwin Capture Modeler 2023.

We will begin by discussing the principles of Reality Modelling and give an idea of the capturing best practices to get quality results in iTwin Capture Modeler.

You will use iTwin Capture Modeler workflows in a step-by-step manner to create a geo-located 3D model of a Substation using aerial imagery.

This training will broadly cover the following main topics:

  • Reality Modelling – Overview
  • Data capturing best practices
  • How to create and setup a new project
  • How to perform photo alignment Aerotriangulation
  • How to geo-locate project using Ground Control Points (GCPs)
  • How to set up your Reconstruction
  • How to export your Reality mesh
  • How to analyze the generated Reality mesh in iTwin Capture Modeler Viewer


Duration: 2 hours

Presented by: Aritra Lodh and Aditya Chatterjee

Aditya Chatterjee
“I am an Engineer by profession and curious by nature. I know all of you are too, so join me as we dive into the concepts, technologies, and products for the AEC industry in this digital era. I would like to collaborate with you, understand the challenges you face, and help you eliminate any bottlenecks for your project. I am here to help you throughout your project lifecycle.”