OnDemand Training | Communicate from Site to Office through SYNCHRO Field

In this course we learn to use SYNCHRO Field’s basic functionalities starting from reviewing 4D/3D models in construction site to capturing different types of accurate real-time date from construction site.

This course is organized into the following sections:

  • Basic Functionalities (Basic UI, 3D/4D Model review, Form Creation, PDF Markups etc.) of SYNCHRO Field
  • Understanding Recourse Status Concept in SYNCHRO 4D Pro
  • Preparing Models in SYNCHRO 4D Pro for Resource Status update through SYNCHRO Field
  • Updating Resource Status from SYNCHRO Field

Duration: 1+ hours

Presented by: Anik Mal

Anik Mal_Virtuosity User Success Manager_Building_CAD
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