OnDemand Training | Automation in SYNCHRO 4D

This 1-hour training is designed to help you learn how to automate processes within SYNCHRO 4D Pro, like creating User Fields and making Resource-Task assignments.

In this training, you will learn:

  1. What is a calculated User Field, Formula, what are User Fields Categories and Types
  2. How to copy User Fields values between Categories
  3. How to use formula to extract information from existing data and to add new information to 4D model
  4. What tools are available for automatic assignments
  5. How to create auto-matching rules and build expressions
  6. How to present the data visually

Trainer: Daria Kosmala

Duration: 1 hour


Basic experience in SYNCHRO 4D Pro/ SYNCHRO Pro (user interface, model and schedule import, resource & task properties, resource-task assignments, appearance profiles, basic filtering)

You can access the dataset from File Section.

It is recommended to follow this course with 0.5-1 hour Q&A session with your Product Success Manager. Please send request through chatbot via https://virtuosity.bentley.com/ or contact your Product Success Manager directly.

Daria Kosmala
“I used to work on construction sites and I’ll never forget the satisfaction when something virtual turns real. At Virtuosity, by providing training and technical mentoring I become part of this process again at the planning stage and I can improve it with 4D and digital twin technology.”
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