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With Bentley’s water distribution modeling software, you can plan intelligently and deliver clean water safely, model water system operations accurately, and make renewal decisions reliably. Confidently create master plans, support land development projects, and optimize the operations of water distribution, wastewater, and stormwater systems.

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“Bentley software produced a digital twin model of the city's water supply, wastewater, stormwater, and bathing water systems, to forecast flooding and water quality issues, thereby improving city response and resilience.”
“Bearing in mind the shortage of available funds for infrastructure investments in Brazil, applications such as SewerGEMS can really make a difference in the optimization of investments bridging the existing gap in sewage infrastructure, thus promoting social inclusion and increasing people’s living standards.”
“Using Bentley's WaterGEMS, we are able to come up with the right design for our water system ... and we could maintain an affordable water supply, which we commit to provide in our concessionaire.”
“WaterGEMS and WaterCAD helped us evaluate the improvement proposals for the Olinda supply system, which will benefit over 250,000 inhabitants, workers, and visitors in the region. This is just one example of how valuable this capability can be for basic sanitation companies, as it helps to improve human living conditions. Bentley is a key contributor to this process.”
“SewerCAD was instrumental in reviewing the old trunk sewer and identifying the optimum method of rehabilitation, while SewerGEMS’ modeling features contributed to a significant reduction in labor-intensive work.”
“TUSPL used StormCAD, WaterGEMS, and PondPack to design a fresh and recyclable water supply distribution network, and Bentley Substation was used for the design of the power supply.”
Computer Applications In Hydraulic Engineering

Best-selling Water Resources Textbook

Computer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering

This fully updated 9th edition textbook is available for download! Ideal for engineers and students in hydraulics and hydrology, offering theory and real-world applications with problem-solving and modeling exercises featuring OpenFlows WaterGEMS, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, PondPack, StormCAD, FlowMaster and CulvertMaster.