Geotechnical analysis and information management software

PLAXIS: Solve common and complex geotechnical problems in soil and rock, including advanced analysis for excavations, foundations, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects with our proven, comprehensive geotechnical analysis software application PLAXIS. Its unmatched functionality makes PLAXIS ideal for any geotechnical project.

GeoStudio: Perform sophisticated 2D and 3D limit equilibrium stability analysis of soil and rock slopes considering groundwater flow, heat, and mass transfer.

OpenGround: With OpenGround, the cloud evolution of the industry-renowned gINT, you will have a secure, cloud-based geotechnical information management (GIM) platform for collecting, reporting, managing, visualizing, analyzing, and accessing geotechnical data. Finally, a single source of truth.

Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company

Seequent is the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems. Together, we’re helping build a more resilient future by connecting the built world above ground with the hidden world below it. The following geotechnical software products can be purchased as Virtuoso Subscriptions, through Virtuosity, Bentley’s eStore, and still get the expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts.

PLAXIS Software

GeoStudio Software

OpenGround & gINT Software

“We were able to quickly develop the conceptual 3D model using topographic data, borehole logs, and 2D geologic cross-sections. Once the conceptual model was built, we were able to analyze multiple potential failure locations and orientations in excellent time. We highly recommend this software for analyzing similar projects.”
“Not only did gINT save man hours, but because it can create or update a new section in a just few seconds, you don’t have to wait for days for a cross-section to answer their question.”
“[OpenGround gives us] the ability to determine and cross-reference the organization’s geotechnical parameters and correlations with those available from literature sources. Tender design is made more efficient and [we] can consider a wider range of site properties leading to reductions in geotechnical risk.”