Affordable and flexible Bentley software subscriptions

At Virtuosity, we understand that to get the best ROI out of new software, you need customizable training to get your team up to speed quickly, lower upfront costs, and have flexible licensing options. That’s why we offer a Virtuoso Subscription. It includes a 12-month license of Bentley software along with a number of “Keys” or credits that can be used to acquire training or other expert services to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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Leading Technology

Around the world, engineers and architects, constructors, surveyors, and owner-operators are using Bentley's proven software solutions to accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance.

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Customizable, Expert Training

We design personalized training programs, led by Bentley's in-house industry experts, to conquer both technical hurdles and project-specific challenges you may be facing.

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Affordable and Flexible

Keep your business nimble with a 12-month full practitioner license that lowers up-front costs and can easily scale as your business grows.

Virtuosity Testimonial
“In addition to the advantage of Virtuosity's Virtuoso Subscription, which includes expert services and training, having the ability to purchase practitioner licenses also enables us unlimited usage and access to the software products in our national and international offices. As a result, we can support projects with an international team more effectively and by constantly applying the latest developments of Virtuosity's products, we ensure our competitiveness in the market and the best results for our customers.”
Virtuoso Subscription

Stay nimble and lower costs

We’ve bundled a 12-month license for trusted Bentley software with customizable training from experts and call it our Virtuoso Subscription. With lower upfront costs and flexible support options, businesses of all sizes can now compete with the industry’s heavy hitters.



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